In the same vein as High Fidelity, we give you our

Top Fives

Top Five Films Of All Time:

1. Clerks (Kevin Smith)

2. Go (Doug Liman)

3. The Shawshank Redemption (Frank Darabont)

4. Leon (Luc Besson)

5. Chasing Amy (Kevin Smith)

Top Five Miserable Records:

1. Travelling Light (Tindersticks)

2. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths)

3. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)

4. This Is A Low (Blur)

5. Why Does It Always Rain On Me? (Travis)

Top Five Worst Films Of All Time:

1. Mission: Impossible 2 (John Woo)

2. Grease (Randall Kleiser)

3. Titanic (James Cameron)

4. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (John Leonetti)

5. Jaws: The Revenge (Joseph Sargent)

Top Five Records To Incite Violence:

1. Firestarter (Prodigy)

2. Search And Destroy (Iggy & The Stooges)

3. Kill All Hippies (Primal Scream)

4. Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols)

5. Anything By Westlife (They just have that effect on me)

Top Five Overpaid Actors:

1. Tom Cruise

2. Mel Gibson

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

4. Tom Hanks

5. Bruce Willis

Top Five Best/Worst Band Names:

1. Half Man Half Biscuit

2. Prefab Sprout

3. Crispy Ambulance

4. Throbbing Gristle

5. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Top Five Films To Get Drunk To:

1. From Dusk 'Til Dawn (Robert Rodriguez) - go on, YOU try and suppress the laughter

2. Desperado (Robert Rodriguez) - is it my imagination or is there a theme here?

3. Mallrats (Kevin Smith)

4. Star Wars (George Lucas) - only through strong liquor do you become one with the Force

5. The Blair Witch Project (Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez)

Top Five Friday Night Out Records:

1. Come Out 2Nite (Kenickie) - "She drank all that we had / then she threw up and I was glad"

2. Out On The Floor (Dobie Gray)

3. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Wham) - just because, OK?

4. Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel) - the one (and only) record which invariably results in me being no 2

5. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Chemical Brothers)

(Plus an honourary mention for Pulp's Monday Morning - the enforced ending to a Friday night out)

Top Five Life Changing Films:

1. Clerks (Kevin Smith) - I should really do something with my life...

2. Titanic (James Cameron) - I've just lost more than two hours of my life. Never again

3. The Matrix (The Wachowski Brothers) - I must learn Kung-Fu

4. Go (Doug Liman) - I've got to get into film making.

5. Any Tom Cruise film - I've got to hire an assassin

Top Five Worst Boy Band Names:

1. Bad Boys Inc - they're dangerous, you know

2. Orange Orange - nee Upside Down - that was bad enough, surely?

3. North and South - how many Svengalis did it take to think of that one?

4. New Kids on the Block - only in America

5. E17 - named after their postcode? Please.

Top Five Overused Lines:

1. "Sorry, I thought you were somebody else."

2. "Why? Because I can!"

3. "Bob?" "Yeah?" (pause) "Nothing."

4. "There's one thing you forgot..."

5. "Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up smoking / coffee / crack cocaine."

Top Five Teenage Records:

1. Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)

2. It's Lulu (Boo Radleys)

3. Teenage Angst (Placebo)

4. Drive (REM) - "hey kids, rock 'n' roll/nobody tells you where to go"

5. Jubilee (Blur)

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