14/02/01 Sarah Edwardes Am I the first to send a message? Am I? I mean it's not like it's partly my site or anything. I need to get out more. Dave - where do these messages go?
Yes, you were the first. Was it all you expected? And the messages go to straight to the voices in my head.
15/02/01 N.M.Clark Wicked site guys. Saved me from the boredom of stats. Loved the photo of u at Reading. 1 point though I disagree with u: Toy Story is the greatest film ever. Take Care hun. Luv Nic x
Thanks Nic. It's a shame you're delusional with that Toy Story thing, but I'll trust you with the rest.
18/02/01 Fred Fu Manchu From the moment I opened your site until the moment I closed it, I could not stop laughing. One day I mean to read it (with apologies to Julius Marx)
I can sense the sarcasm from here.
25/03/01 N.M.Clark Sorry to disagree with you once again but Hearsay deserve to be Number One and it seems the majority agree with me.
No comment.
26/03/01 Dave Smith What's going on? I leave the country for a few days & you slag off Hear'Say? But they're obviously the most talented group around! From the way they copy bland teeny-boppers Steps to their undeniable charm and natural songwriting skills, they simply crush all real bands under their heel! Am I abusing sarcasm here? Damn these Austrian keyboards are hard to use, all the letters are in the wrong order...
Someone agrees with you Nic! Oh, sorry, that'll be the sarcasm kicking in again. Shame.


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