About Me

Everything you (don't) want to know:

  Artist's impression:

 Top three five er, some favourite records:

The Charlatans: 'Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over'

Manic Street Preachers: 'Motorcycle Emptiness'

Tindersticks: 'Tiny Tears'

Elastica - 'Waking Up'

The Velvet Underground: 'Oh! Sweet Nuthin''

Jonathan Richman - 'Roadrunner'

Bob Dylan - 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'

 Top three favourite films:

Gregory's Girl

Grosse Pointe Blank


 Top three best gigs:

Blur/Super Furry Animals @ Brixton Academy, 1997

Green Day @ The Astoria, 1998

Pulp @ Reading Festival, 1999


(In no particular order) John Peel, moshing, The Clash, pessimism, Belle and Sebastian, DMs, indie kids, John Cusack, Bagpuss, cups of tea, Scottish actors, nonsensical rabbit related catchphrases ("That's the bunny", "I'm not a happy bunny", "Put the bunny back in the box"), Steve Lamacq, Melody Maker (RIP) and alcoholic beverages


(Mainly bordering on irrational hatred) Daphne and Celeste, male-only pop combos (Westlife, Boyzone, NSync, Shed Seven), indecipherable lyrics (cf. Tindersticks, Bob Dylan, Shaun Ryder), peas, arrogant NME journalists, those unopenable milk carton things and Countdown


(They'll never happen, sigh)

    1. Rule the world;
    2. Become a member of Oasis (well, it seems anyone else can) or My Life Story (there's already 11 of them: one more on tambourine wouldn't make any difference);
    3. Hijack every British radio station and force them to play Clinic and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci ALL DAY (note to DJs: that's how we feel when you put Mel C on constant rotation, geddit?);


 NB. Information included is not definitive. And no, I don't bear any resemblance whatsoever to Alyson Hannigan.